Letters to the Editor

ACA renewal

I just got my third email about re-enrollment in the Affordable Care Act, which I purchased in March. I noted the somewhat aggressive language in the email: Most people who don’t act will be automatically re-enrolled in their current health insurance plans. But seven in 10 current enrollees can find a lower-priced plan in the same category by returning to HealthCare.gov.

In my case, I noticed my premium had gone up by $70 a month. When I called my insurer about this, they were unable to tell me why. I was finally told the old plan didn’t exist.

After going line by line, I discovered my new plan offered fewer benefits and higher co-pays.

Now I know why the plan wasn’t available anymore — the insurance company offered a “lead in” rate and found the only way they could legally change premiums was saying the plan didn’t exist. Seems like “bait and switch” as well as insurance fraud.

Tanya M. Vernon, Weston