Letters to the Editor

Over the Clintons

We’ve been told that electing Hillary Clinton will be a dual presidency with the “brilliant” Bill Clinton as co-president.

Let’s recap: Bill Clinton let the Russians hang out in the wind after the fall of the USSR. He could have initiated a new “Marshall Plan” to help stabilize and rebuild that troubled country. So now, 20 years later, we’re bearing the fruit of his lack of empathy by fighting the Cold War again with an angry nationalistic Vladimir Putin.

Clinton also signed the legislation recommended by his treasury secretary from Wall Street that repealed the limitations placed on banks after the Great Depression of 1929. Fast forward, and we have the great depression of 2008, and banks too big to fail.

Do I need to bring up the Lewinsky thing as well? This lifelong Democrat is voting for Bernie Sanders. I’ve had enough of the brilliant Clintons.

Art Levy, Key Biscayne