Letters to the Editor

Visas in hand

The Nov. 20 article Lessons of the damned was quite informative, but it missed one important point. The passengers on that ill-fated voyage aboard the St Louis in 1939 all had U.S. entry visas obtained through legal channels.

The visas were to be valid for up to 12 months, but the passengers left Europe early because of the threat of the Nazi Holocaust, which proved to be a lethal threat upon their return. They were fleeing for their lives. They ended up in death camps upon their return and many of them were murdered there.

They were mostly well-to-do, educated professionals, doctors, college professors and businessmen that would have been an asset to the country. There was no threat of terrorism. To compare them to the 100,000 refugees trying to crash our gates now, without any application process, is ludicrous.

Ira Jacobson, Coral Gables