Letters to the Editor

A bad cop

I was appalled by the Nov. 22 story Good cop/bad cop: the rapid rise of Lt. Aguiar.

I am grateful to reporter Elizabeth Koh. Without her article we South Miami residents would not know about this case.

Police officers are supposed to exhibit exemplary behavior on and off the job.

Aguiar’s behavior was hardly exemplary, and the actions of the police chief and the city of South Miami are just as upsetting.

Aguiar gives the South Miami police a bad name. Time and again he has mistreated the public (mainly women on and off the job) with apparent impunity. Chief Rene Landa refers to Aguiar’s conduct as “immaturity.”

But an immature person with power and a weapon is dangerous.

Local officials love to refer to South Miami as the City of Pleasant Living.

I wonder how safe South Miami really is for women?

Will the next person to wear the badge of police chief be Jesus Aguiar?

Teresa F. Burke,

South Miami