Letters to the Editor

Dad’s Plan B

Decades ago, my family lived in Chicago. My mother was selected for a new position in Miami, and our plans were for her to leave immediately, while we would pack for the impending move.

Prior to her departure, our conscientious, multitasking mother prepared many home-cooked meals that awaited us in the freezer. Unfortunately, my sister and I were required to work on Thanksgiving Day, while our father was off.

Dad overheard my sister and me discussing meal preparations and said, “Don’t worry about it, I’ve got it covered.” Since Dad was scarcely capable of boiling water, we presumed he would purchase a pre-cooked turkey from the local A&P.

Thanksgiving Day arrived and on the drive home from work, with mouths watering, my sister and I contemplated a turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

At home, Dad had built a fire and after we were seated for dinner, he carried out three plates of chop suey that he had thawed from the freezer!

We tried to suppress giggles. Before we started to eat, Dad said that he wanted to propose a toast. He went to the kitchen and returned with three glasses and a bottle of Sangria.

My sister and I have often reminisced about our beloved, culinary-challenged father and our Chinese/Spanish Thanksgiving dinner.

Marsha Hunt,

North Miami Beach