Letters to the Editor

Family of winners

My most memorable Thanksgiving was when my family and I went to run the Turkey Trot 5K. The day of the race, my dad said that he could beat our whole family. He was so stubborn about winning.

The moment we got out of the car and went to lineup to start the race, all of us sensed the competitiveness. As soon as we heard the loud shots that told us the race started, all we heard my dad say is, “See ya on the other side.” We hit the first mile when my sister and I started to pass my dad, his face was priceless.

When we passed him, my mother was not that far behind us. When we went around the corner, my dad was no longer in sight. We had passed him and realized we would win. Then we hit the second mile and realized that the race wasn’t supposed to be a competition, but a fun activity to complete as a family.

At the second mile marker, we waited for my dad and then we finished the last mile as a family.

Michelle Poirier,

Coral Springs