Letters to the Editor

Sisterly holiday

Of all the loving family-oriented Thanksgivings I’ve experienced, one stands out as the most memorable. Both my sister and I raised families and cooked dozens of holiday meals.

One Thanksgiving when my husband and grown children were previously occupied, they encouraged me to take the day off. I called my sister, who coincidentally had no plans, and made the four-hour drive to her house.

Guilty feelings aside, we two film buffs rented 12 movies. We then headed to the local market and bought a pound of sliced turkey and two quarts of frozen pumpkin yogurt.

Thanksgiving, we set up the videos and settled in. We saw a couple of movies while dawdling over coffee and yogurt, watched the rest during our lunch and dinner of turkey sandwiches and topped it off with a late-night snack of the rest of the pumpkin yogurt. And we never got out of our PJs!

Judith Welsh, Coral Gables