Letters to the Editor

Obama in denial

Why does the Herald insist on defending a president whose vision, academic naivete, and propensity for misguided action has led to the current catastrophic situation that has developed in Syria and southern Europe?

Had this president actually enforced his red line against chemical weapons five years ago, would the current situation be as out of control as it is? Would people be fleeing the area in droves and landing in an unprepared Europe? Would ISIS still exist? Would they have been able to finance, organize and pull off the attacks in Paris? The answer is probably not.

When the single superpower in the world abandons the role and allows others to fill the vacuum of both leadership and action, the chaos that ensues is exactly what happens. And, Pres. Obama is still in denial that his policies have not been successful in ameliorating the powder keg that is the Middle East.

He deserves the criticisms and has done nothing to assure the safety and security of this country. Many would argue that he has done the exact opposite. Are we safer today than seven years ago? Based on the events this very newspaper reports, I would say, definitely not.

Richard D. Morales II,

Coral Gables