Letters to the Editor

Support the Kurds

The free world has few stalwart allies within the Middle East who are willing to engage in the fight against ISIS.

Besides Israel, Jordan and Egypt our most loyal friends are the Kurds. They are providing large numbers of troops in Iraq and within other nations and are fighting ISIS on the ground, with success.

They’re one of the few ethnic groups not granted a homeland following the dissolution of the European colonial empires. Many Kurds have fought for their own nation since the WWI armistice, and the struggle continues to this day.

Following the liberation of Iraq, the United States and allied troops were greeted as liberators by the Kurdish people. Since these allies of freedom are continuing their struggle on multiple fronts, the U.S. and the free world should provide the leadership, and assist the Kurds by providing all of the requested necessary military weaponry.

America needs to also support the proud and freedom loving Kurdish people by granting international recognition for a new nation, Kurdistan. These friends of freedom deserve no less.

Tim Seale,