Letters to the Editor

Cuba policy: Progress or folly?

As an immigrant who arrived here from Cuba 54 years ago, Dec. 17 could not have been a prouder moment for me. This great country has finally come to its senses about the useless policies established 55 years ago to repress the Cuban people. Although I am not a huge fan of President Obama, he has done what no other elected official has dared to do, change U.S. policy, which has done nothing to bring democratic change to an isolated neighbor. I commend him.

What should have happened decades ago will surely happen now. Just like the fall of Communism in Europe, once democracy slips into the public it can’t be stopped. Once the people of Cuba taste what life is all about, once they awaken to what is happening around the world, once they taste freedom and democracy, no Castro or Communist government will take that from them ever again. This is a defining moment in history that we should all cherish and remember.

Roy Rodriguez, Hollywood