Letters to the Editor

‘I’m offended’

The comparison of today’s Syrian/Iraqi refugees with Holocaust refugees from the Nov. 20 opinion article, Lessons of the ‘damned,’ appalls me.

The Jewish Holocaust refugees fleeing before the war were 99 percent documented and were sponsored by either individuals or organizations. They came with some means to start new lives and were fleeing near certain death if they stayed.

I, personally at age 6, was sent away, lived at two foster homes and an orphanage in Sweden and two foster homes in the United States. Like others like me, we were documented, sponsored by organizations and did not experience the physical disaster that came after we fled.

The refugees on the ship St. Louis waiting on the Florida coast for asylum in America were denied entry solely for political reasons as the Roosevelt administration didn’t want to offend Nazi Germany, plus there was a degree of antisemitism.

Based on historical facts there is absolutely no basis to justify the comparison of the Syrian/Iraqi refugees of today with the Holocaust survivors 75 years ago. As a Holocaust survivor, I deeply resent this comparison.

Gunther Karger,