Letters to the Editor

Different refugees

Re the Nov. 20 opinion article, Lessons of the ‘damned:’ We cannot always look at history and try to make a comparison.

There is no similarity between the SS St. Louis in WWII or the influx of Vietnamese or Cubans with today’s Syrians. Most people in the third world want to come to North America or Europe for economic reasons.

But the goal for the Syrian refugees should be the ultimate return to their homes. Other Arab and Muslim countries should absorb them either permanently or temporarily in refugee camps until the situation in their country is resolved so they can return. The United States has enough needy citizens of our own.

How can we forget about our homeless, hungry, poor and veterans who desperately need help that they don’t get because there is not enough money?

Whether there are terrorists infiltrating the incoming refugee groups or not, the greater concern is the next generation.

Steven Z. Levinson,

Miami Beach