Letters to the Editor


Something I realized this Thanksgiving week that I did not ponder before was how valuable the time we spend with our family truly is.

As I send in my college applications and start planning where I will be attending the next four years of my life (or more), I feel more grown up and less in control of my life. While I celebrate this Thanksgiving, I cannot help but reflect on the awful tragedies happening all over the world. Even here locally our community has experienced the loss of some dear friends.

I now fully realize how important it is to cherish every moment with my relatives and those gathered around the table this Thanksgiving. Moreover, I feel as if the most valuable lesson that can be taken from all the atrocities happening in Paris, Lebanon and Syria is to seize the moment and cherish every opportunity you are given because you never know what God has in store for you. Our time here on Earth is priceless and I intend to take full advantage of every day I have before me.

Madeline Weiss,

Fort Lauderdale