Letters to the Editor

Too many teens dying

The solution to the ongoing and unacceptable community violence that is chipping away at the innocence of our community by robbing us all of our children, cannot be knee-jerked, emotional, or partisan. Beyond the pain, sadness, and anger; beyond passive marches and political speeches; solutions rest with enforcement of law, disrupting the cowardly code of silence that shields criminals in their own neighborhoods, community responsibility and accountability for the actions and behavior of its own kids, and a governmental/social network that enables all of the above.

Schools cannot be the only kid safe-havens. Safety in parks and streets of Miami-Dade is a civil and moral right that we, collectively, must guarantee. The cycle of violence will only end if we have the courage to remove our blinders to the problem and stop believing that the answer is someone else’s issue.

The solution will only come about if we are clear and determined and sharpen our vision for the community we want to live in. Blinders off and sharper vision. After all, we cannot fix what we don’t or refuse to clearly see.

Alberto M. Carvalho, superintendent, Miami-Dade County Public Schools