Letters to the Editor

School killings in Pakistan

As a father of three school-going children, I'm devastated by the traumatic school killings in Pakistan. The scars of this tragedy will never heal. Growing up in Pakistan, I attended a similar school setting. This attack is a blow to the cause of education in a region where millions of children are already deprived of the basic right to attend school.

Pakistan’s civilian leaders, military and masses have to come to terms with the root cause of this tragedy. An apologetic mindset and a sympathetic stance towards militant extremism must be shunned. There is a dire need for separation of state and mosque, and return to the ideals of founding father Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

It is incumbent upon Pakistan to establish the writ of the state and ensure freedoms and rights to all its citizens. I earnestly pray for peace in my native Pakistan, which has been held hostage by agents of terror. Education undermines terrorism and schools are an effective agent against extremism. They must be protected at all costs.

Khalid Minhas, Hollywood