Letters to the Editor

Sen. Marco Rubio’s game plan

Sen. Marco Rubio spoke clearly about potential disadvantages of the announced Cuba policies. As a Cuban-American nothing less should be expected from him. Thanks for making me, an American, aware of negative, manipulative and anticipated Cuban exploitation of the agreement.

However, when Rubio announced that he, as a member of the Senate's Foreign Relations Committee, plans to block the nomination of an ambassador, has he forgotten his duty as a senator? Is he in Washington to pursue Cuban-Americans aims of democracy for Cuba, or to function as a senator from Florida, seeking the best for our state and our nation?

Hopefully, after the initial shock is over, Rubio will be able to cope with his intense concern for democracy for Cuba and maintain democracy here in the United States by carrying out his duties. To do otherwise negates his position both as a senator or a potential presidential candidate.

Mary Lou Winkler, Miami