Letters to the Editor

How to defeat ISIS

Many ideas are going around about dealing with ISIS, but I haven’t heard anyone say this: We need an allied, D-Day-like invasion of the ISIS held territories. The Nazis wanted to take over and expand their influence throughout the world.

The world must come together to defeat this group who want to create their own kingdom to rule over the world, like the Third Reich.

Isolated bombing runs and special ops strikes may slow them down, but only a massive, united invasion of ISIS territory will stop them.

However, it cannot only be western forces like the United States and Europe, even Russia. There must be more participation by other Muslim countries. Western leaders like Obama, Merkel, Hollande and Cameron must bring in leaders like Putin and those from Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Yemen and more.

It would have to be a massive, overwhelming invasion with overwhelming force and weapons.

It would take lots of convincing and wheeling and dealing, but it truly has to be done and someone needs to step up and bring everyone together in a noble cause to prevent a mad, vicious enemy of the civilized world.

James Costantino,

Oakland Park