Letters to the Editor

New commissioners

It should not be lost on the citizens of Miami and Miami Beach, and perhaps the rest of the nation, that moneyed interests can be defeated in politics by an informed and motivated citizenry.

In the two run-off elections held on Tuesday two underfunded underdogs, but at least in my view preferable candidates, soundly beat better financed and better connected candidates for local city commission seats.

In Miami Beach, in particular, the efforts to elect another mayoral rubber stamp to the city commission was defeated, arguably soundly, notwithstanding a 300 percent money advantageand endless endorsements based, not on candidate qualificafions, but perceived loyalty to the continuing administration.

Congratulations go to Ken Russell in Miami and also Kristen Rosen Gonzales in Miami Beach.

You both showed courage and our cities are the winners for your efforts.

Michael Peskoe,

Miami Beach