Letters to the Editor

Rally against hate

Billionaire Norman Braman and other speakers at the Nov. 14 rally said that the goals of the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement is “a cover for anti-Semitism.” The reporter quoted the goals of the BDS movement as they define themselves, and did not acknowledge their true purpose, which is to delegitimize and isolate Israel.

Half of the article was about Sen. Bill Nelson, and the controversy of his presence at the rally, since he had voted for the Iran agreement. Iran has denied the Holocaust and threatens to wipe Israel off the map.

The commitment and solidarity of this large group of people, and the inspiring messages of the speakers in support of Israel, made the rally a huge success. We acknowledged that once again, as we commemorate the anniversary of Kristallnacht, there is a rise in anti-Semitism worldwide. Kristallnacht symbolized the beginning of the Holocaust. We support the state of Israel and stand up against hatred.

Norma Rosenfeld,

Miami Beach