Letters to the Editor

Warnings ignored

France’s massive response to the horrific terrorist attacks is amazing in scope.

To immediately declare a state of national emergency, seal the borders, step up surveillance on suspected terrorist cells and to bomb ISIS targets in Syria in such short order is impressive. A bold stroke in reaction to horrible terrorist events.

Why then, did the terrorist massacre at Charlie Hebdo and the hostage event at the Jewish supermarket fail to elicit the same degree of response from the French just a few short months ago?

This earlier warning should have been a red flag that terrorist events of a much larger scale were in the works and coming soon.

It was never a matter of if, it was merely a matter of when.

Had the French used this earlier incident to step up their surveillance on suspected terrorists, these acts of terrorism might have been prevented. This was, perhaps, a wasted opportunity to be pro-active in preventing these horrific acts.

Harry B. Schrier, Miami