Letters to the Editor

Engage terrorists

It was distressing to see the Nov. 14 front-page photo depicting five police officers armed with assault rifles huddled behind an armored vehicle. The caption stated that these French security forces were preparing to enter the Bataclan Theater, where 100 dead were later found.

Various news outlets described this as a hostage situation. Once security forces determined that shots had been fired this was no hostage situation. The attackers were determined to eliminate as many civilians as possible. Security forces need to make immediate entry upon arrival to engage the terrorists and render aid to the wounded. Seconds count.

Officers in the Columbine school massacre were widely criticized for waiting for reinforcements to enter the school.

Now, the policy in a school shooting is to engage the attacker immediately to reduce the number of casualties. French security also needs to alter its policy and immediately engage these cowardly attackers.

Eric Stupel,

Miami Beach