Letters to the Editor

How to survive

In 2014, America bombed the Syrian-Turkish border. These bombings helped Syrian refugees to enter Turkey.

If people are blaming the refugees that entered through the Syrian-Turkish border as the reason for the Paris attacks, wouldn’t we have to hold the American bombings somewhat accountable? Furthermore, one perhaps should ask how more bombings will be a solution to the problem if they are, in fact, part of the problem?

Syrian families who have stayed in the country in hopes of a better life are now seeing their country bombed. What are they to do now? Would an opportunity to join ISIS seem more practical?

How about the Syrians suffering in the camps alongside the borders — those who deal with rape, disease, crime and human trafficking on a daily basis? Would they seem more willing to join a terrorist group if they know that the chances of freedom and better lives for their families have dwindled because border crossings have been outlawed?

What would you do to survive if you had to deal with the lack of education, sanitation, medical supplies and food and water not only for yourself, but also for your children?

Jane M. Curry,

Pompano Beach