Letters to the Editor

Fight for Syria

Either out of compassion or guilt, European, and now American, governments are feeling the necessity of taking in the fleeing refugees from Syria and other embattled Middle East and African countries.

We’ve learned that some of these fleeing may be terrorists hiding in the throngs. But are we really helping these refugees by locating them in what to them is an alien environment within an alien culture? They will never successfully assimilate, and this may actually cause more anti-Western sentiment in the future.

No leader seems to have a strategy other than resettlement. But here is a novel idea: Guarantee temporary shelter, feed and educate women and children while requiring the men to be trained and returned to their homeland to take back what they have lost.

The only question needing an answer is whether or not they are willing to fight for what was theirs in their own culture.

Jay Weinstein,

North Miami