Letters to the Editor

Cubans still flee

In his Nov. 17 piece, Cuban Adjustment Act inextricably tied to the embargo, Ric Herrero repeats the old fallacy of the U.S. embargo being responsible for the misery of average Cubans.

This argument, manufactured and disseminated by Cuba’s regime, purposely hides the its appalling economic incompetence and ignores the fact that Cuba can and does trade with other nations.

According to Herrero, who supports the new policy of “normalization,” U.S. engagement would result in better economic conditions for average Cubans, and therefore, less migration.

Yet, the opposite is happening. That’s because Cubans don’t need rumors to flee the island in growing numbers; they just know that neither Raúl Castro’s reforms nor Obama’s new policy will improve their daily lives in any meaningful way, today or tomorrow.

Sebastian Arcos, Miami