Letters to the Editor

Support for Israel

It’s unfortunate that the Nov. 16 article Hundreds rally against hate, about the community rally commemorating the 77th anniversary of Kristallnacht and protesting the rise in worldwide anti-Semitism, focused on one person’s animus toward Sen. Bill Nelson for not having opposed the Iran nuclear treaty.

The fact is that there were just as many in the Jewish community nationwide who favored the treaty as were against it. Nelson spoke passionately and poetically about that support to an appreciative audience. He has been among the strong supporters of Israel throughout the many years of his career. He doesn’t deserve to be accused of being less than that.

Pastor Victor Styrsky, president of Christians United for Israel, also deserves our thanks for proclaiming unified support for the state of Israel and disdain for those who would delegitimize it and threaten its existence. While apologizing for the sins of earlier generations who dehumanized the Jewish people, he acknowledged the support of multitudes of present-day Christians for whom the land of Israel is as holy as it is for Jews.

Ralph P. Kingsley, rabbi emeritus, Temple Sinai of North Dade, Aventura