Letters to the Editor

Who’s open-minded?

I roared with laughter when Renee Arazie called herself “as open -minded as I am” in her Nov. 14 letter, Lazy society, denigrating the Democratic Party. I must point out that it is the Republican Party, her newfound political love, that is the party that treats women as unequal to their male counterparts, especially where equal work for equal pay is concerned.

It was three GOP presidential candidates, Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee, who attended that religious hate fest in Des Moines, Iowa last weekend to support a pastor, Kevin Swanson, who calls for gays to be executed — just like ISIS does.

Finally, the only “unholy alliance” in the real world is how fundamentalist Muslims and fundamentalist Christians (the base of the GOP) feel about women and gays.

Harvey Slavin,

Hallandale Beach