Letters to the Editor

We need Jeb Bush’s experience, leadership

Re Michael Putney’s Nov. 11 column, Can Bush fix what ails faltering campaign?: Putney asserts that Jeb Bush is not a “disrupter.” Anyone who had even a modicum of experience with Bush as governor would know just how wrong that is. He took on friend and foe with equal vigor. He vetoed more bills that did not go through the appropriate legislative process than any other Florida governor. Many of those bills were for programs sponsored by his political contributors, his supporters and Republican legislators. Some of those Republican supporters are still so upset about his vetoes that they are funding rival candidates.

Bush disrupted many other of the entrenched interests in Tallahassee who found that they were no longer getting a free ride. Just ask the teachers’ union, the lobbyists and the trial lawyers.

When it comes to the personal attacks against Bush’s character, I along with many Floridians can vouch for his integrity and tireless work ethic to fight on behalf of people who were getting a bad deal from government.

We should judge people on their actions, not on the gossip spread by the media, D.C. pundits or political opponents. It might help ratings, but it doesn’t reflect a person’s core.

What we need is someone with Bush’s experiences, his successes, his intellect, his dogged work ethic and his commitment to getting things done as president of the United States. For too long, we’ve relied on people who can sell an image, but can’t get anything done. It’s time to change that, and I am confident Jeb Bush is the only one who can “fix it” in Washington.

Chuck Cobb,

former ambassador

to Iceland, Coral Gables