Letters to the Editor

Thanks, Miami Beach

With great pride and relief we thank the Miami Beach voters and community allies who helped defeat the proposed Ocean Terrace FAR increase on Nov. 3. This vote showed that voters didn’t buy into the false claims about widespread community support for this measure.

Results show that 18 out of 24 precincts voted No by up to 65 percent. This reflects voters’ support for responsible development that considers neighborhood character, architectural heritage and quality of life.

The North Beach Neighbors Alliance shares those priorities. As advocates for the local majority, we celebrate our community as the foundation for our future and reject attempts to undermine the neighborhood’s reputation and value as justification for upzoning.

The future of North Beach should be based on a comprehensive master plan by independent experts, publicly debated and fully vetted decisions and creative solutions that reflect the wishes of the entire community. This was the promise made by the mayor and city commissioners, and it is now time to fulfill it. We stand ready to work closely with our neighbors, planners and city officials to achieve those shared goals.

Kirk Paskal, North Shore Historic District/Biscayne Beach

Glenda Phipps, Fairway Park/Normandy Isle resident