Letters to the Editor

Zoo theme park

There has been controversy surrounding the proposed development of a major theme park and shopping/residential center in the pineland reserve around Zoo Miami.

Recently, in an effort to circumvent the designation of that preserve as protected by the federal government, a resolution was offered to the county commission (142509) to declare the area bordered by Southwest 117th Avenue, 184th Street, 137th Avenue, and 152nd Street a slum. Seriously? I urge every citizen to contact their commissioner to urge them to vote against this nonsense.

Does anyone realize what will happen to property values if this area is declared a slum? Or, realize that if that Fox amusement park is built in that area, that the quality of life for the residents west of the turnpike in Commissioner Moss' district will see a substantial drop in the quality of life? This is an obvious attempt by the commission to push through an ill-conceived, disastrous plan to overdevelop a portion of his district whose infrastructure cannot handle the traffic and population boom there now. Shame on the commission, and especially Commissioner Moss.

Sandra L. Wikle, Miami