Letters to the Editor

Marrying gay couples

It suddenly looks like Jan. 6 may be the day it is legal for me to marry a same-sex couple in our church.

I realize this inverts the pyramid a bit, but the reality is many gay and lesbian couples in the area are already legally married. They have just had to go out of state to do it. Some of those couples even come to the church for a blessing after. It’s always a pleasure, coupled with a twinge of guilt, that it’s such a difficult and costly thing to accomplish.

Some will call me a heretic or not a ‘true’ christian for typing these words, but respectfully, these aren’t folks who are paying attention to scripture. The overarching story of the bible is liberation. Freedom from captivity. That is what all of those old testament rules are about.

Many gay men and women have been prevented from fully being who God created them to be; and I look forward to rejoicing with them on their special day and for many years after.

The Rev. Grey Maggiano, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Miami