Letters to the Editor

Value of higher ed

The Nov. 4 opinion article, Higher Ed is worth a family’s investment, makes a convincing case for one aspect of the value of higher education.

Understandably, as chairman of the Florida Prepaid College Board, Duane Ottenstroer emphasizes the financial side of a college education. The tone is set with his first sentence: “Is the cost of a college education and other college expenses worth it due to the potential increase in career earnings for someone with a college degree?” His answer is a resounding yes: “A college education is absolutely worth the investment.”

But that is just one aspect and not the most important one. Lost in his detailed arguments is the real value of a college education.

How do you put a dollar value on, among other things, intellectual growth, development of critical thinking and problem solving abilities, enhancement of communication skills, and increased awareness of all the issues facing a citizen in the modern world?

A college education should be more than preparation for employment.

John Goehl,

Biscayne Park