Letters to the Editor

Pitts’ take

Leonard Pitts’ Nov. 11 column, Lament for 9-year-old targeted for murder, dealt with the death of a child at the hands of a black rival gang of the boy’s father. Pitts made the following declarations:

▪  Chicago has way too many black-on-black murders.

▪ The reason Chicago has so many murders is because millions of blacks were forced to leave the south due to racism and ended up in Chicago, quarantined on the same side of Chicago.

▪  In Chicago, they were forced into menial jobs and ghetto life, and lived under the scrutiny and at the direction of the police and the banker/politicians. The only reasonable outcome of this demographic clustering culminated in the death of this 9-year-old black boy.

▪  The death of the 9-year-old also reminded Pitts of a lynching that happened in 1955 to a Chicago boy that summered in Mississippi but never made it back to Chicago. The connecting rod to that story from 1955 is not clear, other than to say that 60 years later there are few places more dangerous to blacks than Chicago.

One-track-mind Pitts can turn absolutely every single event that happens to blacks, even when it's blacks killing blacks, into a subliminal racist rant that says “no matter what happens, it's always the fault of white racist America.”

Mark Minervino, Miami