Letters to the Editor

Save our pets

I’d like to challenge Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez and the county commissioners to take a field trip to Animal Services and watch how helpless pets are euthanized every day.

Let them look into the eyes of the doomed dogs and cats. Let them walk a few animals over to the killing room. Maybe they will say a prayer for their poor souls. Let them squeeze the syringe that delivers the chemicals to stop their beating hearts. Perhaps then Mayor Gimenez and the commissioners will understand the will of more than a half million Miami-Dade voters who overwhelmingly said stop the killing and start a well-planned program to control the local pet population.

Commissioners found the money to keep libraries open a sixth day per week. I know they can find the humanity and consensus to save 20,000 innocent lives a year.

Evan Bacon,

Miami Beach