Letters to the Editor

Rap on Cuban rappers

Re the Dec. 11 article Cuban rappers pawns in U.S. plot to incite change: The Associated Press is back discrediting USAID programs in Cuba, once again using language eerily similar to that of the official Cuban newspaper Granma.

As others before, this report from AP’s Havana bureau paints a malicious USAID, whose secret plans to corrupt innocent Cubans are inevitably thwarted by the always efficient Cuban intelligence services.

If we believe AP’s report, the official persecution of Cuba’s civil society — in this case the hip-hop movement — isn’t because of the regime’s repressive nature, but only the result of USAID’s involvement.

I don’t believe it is a coincidence that all of these reports about the malevolent, incompetent USAID have been published in the midst of a furious campaign to convince the U.S. government and public to accept a trade of three convicted Cuban spies for USAID contractor Alan Gross.

Sebastian A. Arcos, Miami