Letters to the Editor

Reconsidering Trump

After declaring that I would vote for myself rather than Donald Trump for president, I have been forced to reconsider that option.

The brilliant Hispanic attempt to destroy Trump’s candidacy by shouting him down at speeches and using young children to send a message of hate with vulgar language has influenced me to this point. Trump, who has very few admirable qualities to be entrusted with the presidency of this nation, is accurate about illegal immigration.

They call us racist because we want to uphold our right of border control and because they refuse to address the truthful issues at hand. What this Democratic Party-backed section of our society should realize is that legal immigrants have always been a great part of our nation and they have come to assimilate into the American way of life, contributing the great qualities they brought from their homeland.

Seeing the efforts of these illegal immigrant supporters seems more like these groups are trying to make this country assimilate to the lands they fled.

Frank Lujan, Miami