Letters to the Editor

MDC funding

It appears that Miami Dade College has taken the wrong approach in its attempt to garner more funding from the state of Florida, or even the ability to put a half-cent tax to fund the college to the voters of Miami-Dade.

Instead of providing a good, low-cost education to tens of thousands of students each year, including a high-quality nursing program that’s filled to capacity and needs more funding to expand, what the college should be doing is taking a page from the for-profit college playbook and put politicians and their families on the payroll while devoting more time and resources to bundling political campaign contributions.

Next, the college should abandon its mission of serving the community for one of wasting millions of taxpayer and tuition dollars on substandard, unaccredited programs (which it will lie about) and produce unprepared, debt-saddled graduates who cannot pass certification programs or get a job once they finish school. All the while, MDC will devote itself to a new credo: turning a profit at all costs.

Apparently, that’s how it’s done in the Sunshine State.

Matthew Sagorski,

South Miami