Letters to the Editor

Continuing war on Miami-Dade parks must stop

Hooray for Bruce Matheson’s complaints filed with the county attorney on the misleading referendums facilitating Florida International University’s expansion into Tamiami Park at the expense of the Youth Fair, without explaining the dollar costs and how taxpayers will be affected; and also allowing libraries in parks.

The basis of his complaints is the illegal intrusion into parks because of the Save our Parks provision in the Miami-Dade County charter that was adopted by voters in 1993. When will this continual war on parks stop?

Miami and Miami-Dade County are already far behind other municipalities of their size nationwide in providing parks for our people. The contrived, illegal maneuver to put two huge museums in Bicentennial Park was an error not explained to voters, and only two weeks ago, a similar attempt to take over a part of Virginia Key by the Friends of the Marine Stadium was thwarted by the Miami City Commission.

Too many community centers, firehouses and other structures have gone into our parks. What other forward looking modern city does this?

If Miami wants to be a world-class city, it should create and care for natural parks to balance our hectic lives with the blessings of nature. The public is being cheated emotionally and financially by government officials who do not respect existing laws and give in to pressure groups, and it never stops.

Does anybody think FIU will be satisfied with only part of Tamiami Park? Just wait! The campus is already huge, and more facilities could go skyward. If height is so wonderful downtown, why not?

Parks belong to all of us, our taxes pay for them and these land grabs are illegal.

Judith Hancock Sandoval,