Letters to the Editor

Anarchists reign

It appears that anarchists now rule our society, and police forces have been reduced to assisting them in breaking the law. We saw hundreds of people walking in the middle of the streets and major state roads, blocking traffic with police guiding them along.

Apparently no longer is it necessary to obtain a permit to parade, no longer is it against the law to block vehicles. And the media kept emphasizing that everything was peaceful. I don’t think being blocked in the middle of a loud crowd carrying signs and chanting slogans could have given any peace to those that were trapped there.

Those who refuse to obey a lawful order, resist arrest and cause some defensive action on the police officers’ part shouldn’t be labeled simply as an unarmed person. Law-abiding citizens respect police, the courts and the justice system. We have a right to disagree, but not to become anarchists.

Marie D. Valenti, South Miami