Letters to the Editor

Bike train

Coral Gables-based planner Victor Dover commented in the Nov. 8 story, Triumph over traffic, “They might discover it’s not hard to take their bike on the train.”

Well let’s see how he would feel if he was on a car that is so full that both sides of the door are flanked with people and someone with a bicycle still squeezes on. The bike rider could go no further and I had to ride to downtown with a backpack in my face.

Anyone who wanted to get off after the bike rider boarded could not do so unless the bike rider backed out through the door, which he did not.

If transit wishes to encourage bicycle riders and MIA passengers, they need cars designated just for them. Both such cars should have racks for bikes and luggage and no seating. Most passengers with luggage and bikes do not place them in the designated areas. They go wherever they like and block the way of the majority of passengers.

Lois McGeachy, Miami