Letters to the Editor

New winning tactic

As a lifelong Miami Dolphin fan, I marvel at the ineptitude of owner Stephen Ross. I also applaud the brilliance of Miami Heat owner Micky Arison.

Both are successful billionaire businessmen. One used his knowledge and money to build a championship team, the other didn’t.

Arison’s philosophy was very simple: Get the best basketball mind, Pat Riley, pay him whatever amount of money it takes, then give him free rein to get the best players.

On the other hand, Ross’ philosophy is totally opposite; go out and get second-hand minds, pay them ridiculous amounts of money and let them build a team that has become the most dysfunctional team, not only in Miami, but in the NFL.

Ross built a winning team with his Related Group — the best minds money can buy.

The philosophy that made him a successful businessman hasn’t translated to his team. He should adopt the Arison philosophy and give us a winner.

Stuart Blumberg,