Letters to the Editor

Fiscal malfeasance

Sen. Marco Rubio released two years of previously undisclosed statements for a Republican Party of Florida American Express card.

Since he paid back all $7,200 of personal expenses, he says everything is OK.

However, a 2010 independent audit of the card scandal commissioned by the party pointed to the Republic Party of Florida’s “Employee Policies & Procedures Manual” that stated the cards were for party business only, not for personal expenses.

So, rules were broken and it questions his ability to apply ethics in handling the federal budget debt of $20 trillion dollars, if he becomes president.

Voters should be concerned that if he can’t properly handle his own personal financial business, how can he solve some of the nations fiscal problems?

The important point is not that he paid it back, but that he was not supposed to use it in the first place.

Kenneth Karger,