Letters to the Editor

Entry for Cubans

Presidential candidate Ben Carson did not know about the wet-foot, dry-foot policy when asked about it by a reporter.

Like him, many people outside of South Florida don’t know that this policy allows Cubans arriving on boats to stay in the United States if they are not picked up by U.S. authorities before reaching dry land.

Today, Cubans are reaching the U.S. through the Mexican border without getting their feet wet, and are allowed to come in. Most of those coming here are doing so for economic reasons, not for political reasons.

Recent articles in the Sun Sentinel and the Miami Herald have revealed the truth about what is wrong with this policy and the Cuban Adjustment Act. It is time that other Americans know.

I don’t object to this policy, except that it is not fair to people in other countries for the U.S. to discriminate on this issue.

Alberto Miranda, Miami