Letters to the Editor

CIA report biased

It’s not unreasonable to conclude that Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s decision to publish the Intelligence Committee’s one-sided, subjective report on CIA interrogations was based on her desire to punish the agency for alleged spying on her and her committee. The report was a vindictive payback before they ran out of time. It was not a desire to uphold American principles or patriotism.

Feinstein and Democrats spent many years trying to crucify the CIA and President George W. Bush for the alleged torture of terrorists who killed thousands of American civilians, and their kind intends to do more of the same. The Department of Justice, by the way, previously found that the CIA interrogations were lawful.

But wouldn’t you expect that Democrats to do the same to investigate Obama for the killing of hundreds of civilians with his drone program?

Still, all Americans should support the use of intelligence and drones to seek, target and kill terrorists. They target and kill Americans.

Antonio J Romañach, Doral