Letters to the Editor

Juan Zapata’s gender vote

Re the Dec. 3 front page article Commission bans discrimination based on gender identity: I find it deplorable that any elected official, in this case Miami-Dade Commissioner Juan C. Zapata, would vote for or against an issue using ignorance and misunderstanding as his reason for the vote.

When discussing criticism of the ban on discrimination based on gender identity, Zapata reasoned that even if criticism of that ban was rooted in misunderstanding, it was valid. “That fear is real, whether or not it comes from ignorance, it’s there” said Zapata.

We expect that those we vote into office will base their votes and leadership on facts. It is distressing that some elected officials are catering to the misunderstanding and ignorance of some residents, and even more appalling that some officials feel at liberty to admit it.

Martin Blaya, Miami

Editor’s note: Martin Blaya‘s letter was originally published with the wrong signature.