Letters to the Editor

Proud immigrants

In her Dec. 4 Other Views column, Helping newest immigrants, Wendy Kallergis highlighted the contributions and opportunities provided to immigrants not only by the government, but also the hospitality, educational, business, healthcare, and industrial communities

Our country’s foundation has been based upon a vast melting pot of immigrants, many of whom at first brought only their native tongues and the shirts on their backs, and whose desire for citizenship resulted in their learning not only our language, but assimilating our American customs and contributed to our gross domestic product with pride.

We should be proud of and thankful for our forefathers and foremothers who overcame great challenges to bring their families to the United States so that we all could enjoy a life of comfort and freedom, with the benefits of citizenship, which we can all appreciate.

We are proud to have Kallergis representing South Florida as a White House Champion of Change for promoting citizenship in the workplace.

H. Allen Benowitz,

North Miami