Letters to the Editor

Where’s Sharpton?

Why do all these marches and protests take place after someone is shot? Why don’t we see Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson patrolling these vulnerable neighborhoods on any given day, asking the residents to promote the economic development of these areas? If all you ever see in your neighborhood are check-cashing and liquor stores and boarded-up businesses, how is that a remedy for success?

How many drive-by shootings do there have to be before the silk-suited crusaders from the north initiate a South Florida event to change the landscape.

No, the Al Sharptons of this world benefit not because they succeed, but that their friends continue to fail.

Yes, policemen make mistakes in the heat of battle and yes, we are a racist nation, all the more reason that the African-American community rise above its current status and coalesce for success. Until local government and law enforcement mirror the community they serve, there will continue to be disproportionate suffering. Now is the time to march.

Mike Melnick,

North Miami Beach