Letters to the Editor

Business in Cuba

In Havana my grandfather Jose Antonio Garcia-Ordonez incorporated the Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Cuba. He was also general counsel of the Cuban Bottlers Association.

In that capacity he represented Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Orange Crush and the many Cuban bottlers as they had their businesses expropriated by the communists. Shortly thereafter, he was arrested and placed incommunicado in the Blanquita Theatre, now aptly renamed the Karl Marx Theater.

In Miami, my father, also an attorney, was very lucky to find a job as a Pepsi truck driver. He destroyed his back, developed skin cancer and even collapsed from a heat stroke, but he had a job.

I read in the Nov. 4 article With optimism, U.S. firms visit Cuba for business fair, with interest and learned that Pepsi is in Havana trying to do business with the same communists.

Hey, thanks a lot Pepsi!

Raul G. Ordonez Jr., Miami