Letters to the Editor

Two to consider

I think the GOP establishment and many Republicans are worried about the surge of Marco Rubio. I recently saw two letters calling for Rubio to resign from the Senate because he is missing some votes, claiming that he is failing to meet his responsibilities. But I ask, what votes? Nothing has been happening in either chamber for the past six years.

I was not a fan of Rubio, but when I watch the debates and see the crazy ideas coming from some candidates, I worry about electing someone who can’t meet the requirements to be president. I think that the only two candidates who should be considered are John Kasich and Rubio.

As for Jeb Bush, I don’t think his heart is in the campaign. When he was governor, his education programs were a complete failure. Enough with dynasties, we already had two Bush presidents. The same goes for the Clintons.

Manuel Perez, Miami