Letters to the Editor

The Trump effect

We, the members of pro-immigrant community-based organizations, made up of workers and students, were responsible for organizing the disruption that took place during Donald Trump’s speech at his hotel in Doral.

The motive behind our protest was to drive the message to Trump that he is not welcome in this community. This is a multicultural city made up of immigrants and in which hateful, irresponsible and divisive rhetoric is unacceptable, especially from a person aspiring to be president.

Because of Trump’s racist and xenophobic speech the debate about immigration is no longer about reform with a pathway to citizenship, but instead about massive deportations and border militarization, denying birth certificates to children born in Texas and revising the 14th Amendment, which gives automatic citizenship to anyone born in this country.

We have new anti-immigrant legislation such as HB 318 in North Carolina and HB 9 in Florida, presented by the Cuban-American legislator Carlos Trujillo.

Protest is the essence of the right to freedom of expression. Yet during the disruption, event organizers and hotel management beginning with Trump himself, had the responsibility of ensuring the safety of attendees. The protesters were insulted and assaulted.

Where was Doral Police force when Ariel Rojas was thrown to the ground repeatedly and kicked by an attendee? Their inaction was evident.

It is time that Trump and the Republican party assume the consequences of their rhetoric.

Mauro Kennedy and Tomas Kennedy, United Families, Miami