Letters to the Editor

Students lose

Dade Medical College owner Ernesto Perez was making a hefty $431,999 salary while earning the respect of thousands of enthusiastic nursing students over the years.

His prestige and fame suddenly toppled like a deck of cards, and he is taking a plea agreement on charges that he siphoned more than $159,000 in campaign funds to politicians. Not only this, he had the audacity to charge thousands of dollars in tuition to innocent nursing students who believed in Perez’s words that they could make a difference with their lives.

When Dade Medical College recently shut its doors, many nursing students were left high and dry with no diploma and a high level of debt.

Perez got a slap on the wrist — a night in jail and $200,000 in fines. But what about the countless number of students who had their nursing careers snatched from them?

Paul Haidet, Hallandale Beach